Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rise & quit your worrying

Worry is a stealthy, yet formidable, enemy.  Worry can creep into your life quietly, masquerading as an acceptable human response to living in an imperfect world.  But worry is neither acceptable nor harmless.  WORRY is a dangerous diversion that leads you to focus on your problems RATHER THAN the solution to the problem, the positive in each situation, and overcoming whatever obstacle is causing you to worry.
Peace and worry cannot coexist.  Where worry is the potential enemy, peace is the faithful sentinel guarding your mind and heart.  There is nothing passive about the word GUARD.  It's a Greek military term that paints a picture of a stronghold being protected by a vigilant garrison of watchmen.
So, be grateful, give thanks, and appreciate every moment of today, life, love, all the goodness that surrounds you, and blossom from there.. focus on your goals, the ones you are the most passionate about.  Do it with a plan of action, with fierce commitment, and do it worry free.  Don't worry about the what ifs and what abouts (is that even a thing??) because we all know that obstacles are meant to be overcome.

Remind yourself often about the importance of setting daily goals, and find strength in overcoming your obstacles.

Don't Worry Be Happy,
Coach 'e'

PS - Parts of the above were taken from the book "100 Favorite Bible Verses" and the other parts were picked from my brain.

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