Monday, October 28, 2013

Rise & work it, girrrrls (guys, too)

Exercise is one of THE BEST things you can include in your daily routine.  Having a regular exercise routine that includes both weight training & cardio is the most ideal combination for revving up your metabolism, burning calories for a leaner body, and functioning at your highest energy levels every day.  Here are just SOME of the added health benefits of including exercise in your day:
*  Increased BMR and use of energy
* Increase in energy levels. Period.
* Increased weight loss/maintenance
* Increased self esteem, self-confidence, POSITIVE THINKING
* Reduced risk of premature death, developing/dying from heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes
* Better sleep
* Building & maintaining healthy muscles, bones, & joints (avoiding knee and back pain!)
* Improving cardiovascular fitness (strengthen your heart!!)
Feel better, healthier, overall vitality

And with that huge, extra motivation for today, here is a full body, multi-joint workout that I LOVE to include in my routine:
Do all moves for a minimum of 20 reps, but aim to work each exercise until failure (failure meaning you just can’t do even 1 more).  Once you’ve hit failure on each exercise, without resting do the plyometric move that follows – push yourself past the recommended reps if you can!!  Do 2-3 rounds of each exercise with 60 seconds rest in between rounds.
1.   Dumbbell chest press.  Hit the floor and do pushups until you can’t do anymore!
3.   Lat pulldown (machine) to as many pullups (using the assisted machine if needed) as you can bang out!
4.   Lying hamstring curl (machine) to alternating jump lunges to 20.

Get to workin' it + have a motivated Monday.

Get Fit,
Coach 'e'

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