Friday, October 25, 2013

Fave Things Friday

I love hosting parties.  I especially love hosting my "Fave Things" parties.  I was first introduced to this whole "Fave Things" idea last Christmas when I was invited to one by the wife of a very true, Blue friend.  I was hooked.  Immediately.  Since then I've hosted two of my own "Fave Things" parties with my girlfriends (and luckily for me I have girlfriends who love these kind of parties as much as I do) = huge success.  So the premise?  Each girl picks a fave item of theirs, and buys 5 of that exact same fave item to bring to the party.  The thing is though, this fave item can be NO MORE and NO LESS than $6.  I love the excitement and anticipation the budget causes pre-party - wondering what everyone found that is within the budget, and wondering what you'll end up going home with (at the party, we do an exchange of everyone's fave things so you end up going home with 5 new items!).  In the spirit of Fave Things Friday, I thought I would introduce you to this sweet little party idea, and also share a few of my favourite things (no budget here) lately.

fave online party invite site: (which includes an entire kate spade invitation line - obvi why I love this site).  Check out the kate spade invite I used for my first Fave Things party:

fave gallery wall of the week (my obsession with gallery walls continue):

fave kate spade stationery in my office right now - YES, those gold bows are push pins (and you MUST check out the kate spade line at Indigo currently - adorbs! I want it all!!):

fave party accessory: STRIPED paper straws!  Find them at Home Sense now - in a rainbow of sweet, sweet colours.

fave Target purchase this week: fox cookie jar (and check out the other sweet little animal cookie jars here).  I love fox. 

Alright my lovelies, make your day great, try something new this weekend (a new recipe, a new nail colour, a new hiking trail, a new DIY).. and of course, get to the GYM and get your sweat on!

Stay sweating & sparkling,
Coach 'e'

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