Monday, September 30, 2013

Rid Your Body of Toxins

Let’s talk detox.   The kind of detox that effectively cleanses the liver, stomach and digestive tract in a way that gets you results (WHATEVER your health goals are), that doesn’t reek havoc on the body during or after the detox (insert example of any other rad detox ideas here), one that encourages you to EAT FOOD (foods that actually boost detoxification), and one that will give you a kick start to ANY weight loss program.  More importantly, it’ll get you feeling AMAZING again.

Why detox?  Think of your body as a car.  Actually, scratch that – I know nothing about cars other than to make sure to get my oil changed when it needs it – so let’s compare your body to a drain.  The drain accumulates crap like soap residue and hair, just like your body accumulates toxins from filling it with junk over the years -  cheese, breads, sugars, chemicals, additives, and booze.  Eventually the drain becomes clogged and stops working productively, just as your body does when it’s overrun with toxins.

So, how do we rid ourselves of toxin buildup?  Ensure that you do two things:
  1. Eliminate the foods and chemicals from your diet that contribute to this state, like grain products, potato products and dairy.  These foods are known irritants to the digestive tract in most people, causing inflammation, bloating, gas, cramping, and weight gain.  Give your body a rest from the junk, so that it has enough energy to deal with eliminating the current toxins in your body.  Instead, follow a detox friendly diet that is full of fresh fruits & vegetables, lean proteins and good fats.
  2.  Supplement!  Using the proper supplements supports the organs of elimination during a detox so that you get rid of unwanted circulating chemicals in the body effectively.  I use Truestar’s “True Detox”.  Their line is proven to be one of the top supplement lines in North America from top to bottom.  I love their stuff.. LOVE.  And here are more reasons why I choose this product when I detox:
  • Improves liver enzyme function and detoxification
  • Natural diuretic action to reduce water retention
  • Improves digestion and reduces constipation
  • Enhances the removal of fat from the liver
  • Stimulates the breakdown of fat tissue
  • Optimizes intestinal health
  • Improves thyroid function and metabolism
Truestar's "True Detox" on my counter early this morn!
It has been said that it is ideal to detox with the changing of each season, so four times a year.  I prefer, and I suggest this to my clients as well, to do two per year.  One in September - at the end of Summer BBQs, parties, outdoor patios (and my birthday month) - and one in the New Year - it's a brand new year, so might as well have a brand new, cleaned out body too!  Whatever you decide is best for you, though, remember that when taking on a new health goal or challenge that you have a plan of action, be prepared (especially with meal planning) and persevere.  Stay committed and keep your focus on the finish line!

I do love feedback in any way, shape, or form so please send your thoughts, questions, comments, AND if you're interested in getting your hands on this oh-so-FAB detox package via email to!

Stay well,

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